The Horizon’s Collections and Patterns are available options with vinyl flooring, which are nearly endless. Solid and composite vinyl can be combined to create a variety of unique and random patterns. Printed vinyl is even more versatile allowing you to recreate the look of natural wood or any other material you can think of. You can even mix and match material facades to make it look like you’ve combined different elements in your floor.


Bean Café is our signature collection, which is inspired by a combination of nuts. It offers the widest choice of stunning flooring designs for your home with perfect match of the charming colors and natural texture. The practicality and durability ensure a beautiful warm and quiet. Moreover, these nut colors are recognized as a significant sign of the aroma of freshly roasted boutique coffee, where brings you to the pleasant and relaxed feelings.

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New Modern combines gorgeous aesthetics with outstanding performance to create a flooring collection suitable for every living space. An exciting choice of style, color and texture are available across our vinyl wood tiles. This modern design with perfect match of flooring focuses simplicity and elegance. So New Modern is the best described as the concept of contemporary with a high performance yet comfortable surface underfoot for a lifetime.

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Natural Ground is our new collection of Click-lock series for DIY enthusiasts. The style that simply fits is designed to replicate the look and texture of wood with the added benefit of the durability and performance of vinyl flooring. The sense of balancing the colors is enchanted with all beautifully crafted to meet your design vision. An extensive choice of wood designs in a wide range of colors and options of laying patterns makes this flooring collection truly unique.

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